Department of Consumer Protection Regulations


Angelic Nursing & Home Health Care Services Registry, Inc. is a home care registry that connects independent caregivers with persons that need home care.  The CAREGIVER will be working directly for  the CLIENT, and Angelic Nursing & Home Health Care Services Registry, Inc. (1) will not be the employer of CAREGIVER, (2) will not be the one paying CAREGIVER for services, and (3) will have no responsibility for any governmental or regulatory filings in connection with the services provided.  It is our understanding that most of our clients treat the caregivers working for them as “independent contractors”, and file IRS Form 1099 to report the amounts paid.  However, depending on the relationship between the CLIENT and the CAREGIVER, the CLIENT may be considered an “employer” under law and, if that is the case, the client may be held responsible for the payment of federal and state taxes, social security, overtime and minimum wage, unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance payments and any other applicable payment required under state or federal law.  It is up to you to decide the type of relationship you have with your caregiver.  In many cases, you will not be responsible for the above-mentioned payments and withholdings.  However, if you are uncertain about your responsibility for the payment of the above-mentioned taxes and payments, you should consult a tax professional, regarding your tax and filing requirements and recommendations for structuring this relationship to achieve the intended results for tax and regulatory purposes.


A non-binding contract is required prior to starting services, please note the following:

Angelic Nursing & Home Care Services Registry, Inc. commences providing homemaker services or companion services, Angelic Nursing & Home Care Services Registry, Inc., shall provide the person who receives the services, or the authorized representative of such person, with a written contract or care plan that prescribes the anticipated scope, type, frequency, duration and cost of the services provided to you. In addition, any contract or service plan provided by Angelic Nursing & Home Care Services Registry, Inc., to a person receiving services shall also provide conspicuous notice, in boldface type (1) of the person’s right to request changes to, or review of the contract or service plan, (2) of the employees of such agency who, pursuant to section 20-678 are required to submit to a comprehensive background check, (3) that upon the request of such person or an authorized representative of such person, such agency shall provide such person or representative of such person with written notice that a comprehensive background check, as required pursuant to section 20-678, was performed for all caregiver’s of Angelic, performing services for such person, Angelic Nursing & Home Care Services Registry, Inc.’s records are available for inspection or audit by the Department of Consumer Protection. We are not able to guarantee the extent to which its services will be covered under any insurance plan, it depends on many different factors. Again our plan of care may be cancelled at any time by, you, the client. If our care plan do did not in fact state our cancellation policy or your right to make changes to the care plan, you would still be able to cancel services whenever you would like care to end it does not have be, or contain a specific period of duration.

Emergency service waiver

(a) [Not later than four calendar days after the date on which a] A registry that supplies, refers or places an individual with a consumer [, the registry] shall provide the consumer with a written notice, to be signed by the consumer, specifying the legal liabilities of such registry to the individual supplied or referred to or placed with the consumer. Such notice shall be given to the consumer before the commencement of services and such services shall not commence until the registry receives a signed copy of the notice from the consumer, unless a bona fide emergency exists and such registry details the specific nature of the emergency on a form approved by the department and signed by the consumer or an authorized representative of the consumer. If a bona fide emergency exists, the registry shall provide such notice not later than four calendar days after the date on which it supplies, refers or places an individual with a consumer. If the registry maintains an Internet web site, a sample of the notice shall be posted on such Internet web site.