Tips to Make Personal Care Less Awkward for Family Caregivers

Is there anything more heart-wrenching than an adult child watching her mom decline to a point where she needs to help with toileting? Or more awkward than a son having to coax his dad into a shower and help him wash? These personal care tasks can be hard for a senior’s family member to take on, and just as difficult for seniors who feel their dignity slipping away.

There are ways to make personal care tasks easier, though. As a senior care professional, you’ve likely learned to overcome those awkward situations with your patients as well. Here are some suggestions you can recommend to family caregivers.

Think differently. It might help to tell family members to think of the tasks in medical or scientific terms to help take the emotional heat out of it. Instead of a daughter changing her mom’s diaper, she’s changing her incontinence briefs to keep her clean and healthy.
Maximize their abilities. If the senior can handle part of the task, see if he or she is capable of doing the things that are most difficult for both parties, like washing private parts.
Distraction is your friend, like reminiscing about shared good memories or singing favorite old songs.
Make it as much fun as possible. Bubbles, spa-like soaps, a few flameless candles and some soft music can turn a dreaded routine into something the senior can look forward to. Suggest the caregiver start with a good back scrub to ease into the bathing process. Who doesn’t love that?
Take the easy route. Use bathing wipes between full baths and dry shampoo for between wet washes. Try wet wipes when toileting for better (and faster) cleaning.
A time for everything. Create a regular routine for the senior’s hygiene tasks, especially if the senior has dementia. Make regular bathing something that happens before church, for example, and always brush teeth before breakfast. Encourage family caregivers to help senior loved ones with personal care tasks when they are most alert. Avoid personal care tasks during difficult times, like evenings for those Alzheimer’s patients who experience sundowning.
Ask for help. If the family member is having trouble doing these tasks or the senior is too combative, let them know there is no shame in asking for assistance. Overwhelmed families can benefit from respite care offered by churches and community groups, or the VA, which offers benefits for veterans.

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Senior Citizens Summer Safety Tips

The US Center For Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every year around 300 people in the US die from heat related ailments. In addition thousands of American citizens suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Summer draws people, including seniors, outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities with family and friends. Senior citizens are more susceptible to the effects of heat as their bodies return to normal slowly and their bodies cooling mechanism is not as efficient as younger people. Hence seniors should be well aware of the health problems related to summer heat and the preventive and safety steps that they should take to avoid these problems.
Here we will discuss some important summer safety tips for seniors. The first thing to know is that the faster you move the faster your body gets heated up. Hence seniors should take it slow in the summer, especially when it is hot. All outdoor activities should be planned for early mornings when it is cooler. As mush as possible, use the shaded areas under trees or covered porches. If possible air conditioning should be used when it is very hot and fans are not enough. If air conditioning is not available at home consider visiting public places like shopping malls, libraries, etc., that have air conditioning. Call us today, home care aides, can make sure your loved one is safe, cool and out of harms way.

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National Caregivers Month

Respite Care Available

November is National Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month. It is a time to acknowledge the important role that family, friends and neighbors play in caring for sick, elderly and disabled friends and relations. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, a caregiver refers to “anyone who provides assistance to someone else who is, in some degree, incapacitated and needs help: a husband who has suffered a stroke; a wife with Parkinson’s disease; a mother-in-law with cancer; a grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease….” Our caregivers offer a range of services, including emotional and spiritual support, assistance with every day living, transportation and safe home related services.

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Help us give back to the community!

During the month of November, Angelic Nursing & Home Care Services, will donate $1.00 for every “like” to Manchester Area Conference of Churches. MACC Charities provides food, shelter, clothing and advocacy for the unmet basic needs in Manchester, CT. Spread the word!! This will end November 30, 2012. Maximum donation $1,000.00.

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Long Term Care Insurance & Home Health Care

Did you know we accept Long Term Care Insurance?

• We accept several Long Term Care Insurances who participate
in the Connecticut Partnership Plan for Long Term Care™.
• We assist in preparing and filing the paperwork required for clients to
receive reimbursement for the services covered under the policies.
• Each individual policy has specific benefits and requirements
needed to initiate a claim.
• We have developed processes that streamline the claims process,
which results in fast payment of claims.
• Let us help you navigate your long term care insurance policy for a smooth
transition into getting the care that you need — and have paid for!

Please call our office to inquire about Long Term Care Insurance and how you can benefit from your policy.

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Respite Care in Connecticut

Angelic Home Care is the preferred choice for the Respite Care in Connecticut Program. Angelic Home Care’s respite care program means a quality; reliable caregiver will be with your loved one when you need a break from being the primary caregiver.

Angelic’s Respite Care in Connecticut Program can be for a few hours or if you need a longer time away it can be for several days, weeks or months at a time. You create the schedule you need, the Respite Care in Connecticut Program from Angelic Home Care is a reliable way for you to have the time to tend your own personal needs or special occasions. Our aides can provide any or all of our services including Personal Care, Companion and Homemaking Services.

The Respite Care in Connecticut Program is often a part of the care plan for many seniors living in their home or in the home of a family member. The program is an affordable resource to have as they assist the primary caregiver and give a much needed break.  If you are a primary caregiver and could use the Respite Care in Connecticut Program call us today to discuss your needs without obligation.

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Support for You and Your Aging Parents in Connecticut


Caring for your aging parents will be easier if you know what kinds of support and community services are available and where to locate them. The following is a list of the kinds of support and community services you can find locally, along with specific suggestions of who to contact for information.
Adult day care

If you need to work or run errands and you can’t leave your parents alone, consider using adult day care. These programs are located in hospitals, churches, temples, nursing homes, or community centers. Many are private nonprofit organizations. Adult day care can be expensive but is sometimes subsidized by the government, and fees may be based on a sliding scale. In addition, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care insurance, or your health insurance may pay part of the cost.


  • Your local senior center or community center
  • National Institute on Adult Day Care
  • The Alzheimer’s Association

Caregiver support groups (self-help)

Many self-help groups are available to provide information and emotional support on broad topics (such as aging) or specific topics (such as heart disease). You may find these support groups helpful if you know little about caring for your aging parents. Such groups might also provide an opportunity to help others by sharing your experiences.


  • The Alzheimer’s Association
  • Children of Aging Parents
  • National Self-Help Clearinghouse

Caregiver training/health education

You may feel better about taking care of your parents if you are armed with knowledge. You may want to complete first-aid courses or take classes in gerontology.


  • Your local college or university
  • Your local hospital
  • The American Red Cross
Don’t try to care for your aging parents alone. Many local support groups and community services are available to help you cope with caring for your aging parents. As your parents grow older, their health may deteriorate so much that they can no longer live on their own alone. At this point, you may need to find them in-home health care.  If you don’t know where to start finding help, call Angelic Home Care, a referral service  that can direct you to resources available  in your area.  We are always happy to discuss your home care needs without obligation. Our goal is to refer quality and affordable home care services to help make daily living easier.


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Launch of our new Home Care Blog

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new Home Care in Connecticut  Blog. This blog will become a resource destination for any senior needing non-medical home care in Connecticut.  Angelic has been providing quality home care since 1984, we want to share our knowledge,  expertise and resources with you. Our goal has always been to help others — whether you are a senior who needs home  care, a family caregiver, or a loved one, this blog will be another way we can help! Feel free to subscribe to get our latest posts sent to you automatically via email or RSS reader. Also, keep a look out for our new Twitter and Facebook pages due out shortly. Thank you. We look forward to your participation.

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